Is Surrey Wildlife Trust a charity?

We are part of a grassroots movement that believes we need nature and it needs us. Across the Uk, more than 850,000 members and 35,000 volunteers work together with their local Wildlife Trust to create a wilder future for people and nature.

Are Wildlife Trusts charities?

The Wildlife Trusts overview

Each Wildlife Trust is an independent charity formed by people getting together to make a positive difference to wildlife and future generations, starting where they live.

Is London Wildlife Trust a charity?

London Wildlife Trust is the only charity dedicated solely to protecting the capital’s wildlife and wild spaces.

What does Surrey Wildlife Trust do?

We protect wildlife

Together with our members and volunteers, we work to protect wildlife across Surrey, both on our nature reserves and through our work with others.

How are Wildlife Trusts funded?

To help us make a bigger impact for nature, Wildlife Trusts also receive funding from corporate partners, charitable Trusts and grant-making bodies. Grants are usually awarded for specific projects. They are given by local authorities, landfill tax operators like the Biffa Award, statutory agencies, governments.

What type of organisation is the Wildlife Trust?

The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) is an independent charity, with a membership formed of the 46 individual charitable Trusts.

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What is the role of the Wildlife Trust?

So whilst each Wildlife Trust is an independent charity with its own charitable objects, these are closely aligned. Each has two broad purposes: to protect and restore the natural world; and to help more people to experience, understand and value nature.

What does London Wildlife Trust do?

The Trust aims to protect London’s wildlife and wild spaces, and it manages over 40 nature reserves in Greater London. One of its campaigns is to turn London’s gardens into mini-nature reserves, and it provides education services for schools. Local groups work on reserves and organise walks.

What wild animals does England have?


  • Badger. Big families, big appetites and big personalities. …
  • Bank vole. Stout but speedy, the bank vole skitters around woodland and dense vegetation looking for blackberries, nuts and fungi. …
  • Barbastelle bat. Distinctive, rare, elusive. …
  • Beaver. …
  • Bechstein’s bat. …
  • Brandt’s bat. …
  • Brown long-eared bat. …
  • Common pipistrelle bat.

Are plants wildlife?

In practice plants are now protected under the same overarching federal wildlife laws as animals in the US (the Endangered Species Act and the Lacey Act being the two most notable such laws), but plants are not, by definition in federal law, considered wildlife.

What does the National Lottery Fund?

The National Lottery is funding projects in the arts, sport, heritage, charity, voluntary, health, education and environmental sectors.