Where can I recycle plastic clamshells in Portland?

James Neighborhood Recycling Service hosts drop-off recycling events at various locations throughout the Portland area. They often accept plastics that aren’t accepted in your mixed recycling bins and some electronics.

Can you recycle clamshells Portland?

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Portland company up has come up with a way to deal with those plastic to-go containers often called “clamshells.” They are no doubt a headache. You can’t put them in curbside recycling and they seem to be almost everywhere these days. … They can’t go in our curbside recycling bins.

Can clamshells be recycled?

“Clamshells are usually made out of PET plastic, so they are highly recyclable,” says Alexander. … However, clamshells aren’t being recycled because they aren’t being collected, and if collected, most existing material recovery facilities can’t sort them out from the other materials.

What can I do with plastic clamshell containers?

If your local recycling program does not accept plastic clamshells, please be sure to keep them out of your recycling bin. But don’t throw them out — they are recyclable. In fact, NAPCOR reported that more than 100 million pounds of PET thermoform material were recycled in the U.S. in 2018.

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What does Ridwell do with clamshells?

By collecting directly from our members, we can avoid any contamination that may occur in a mixed recycling bin, and ensure that your clamshells get a new life. Your clamshells and trays are washed, reprocessed, and turned into FDA Food Grade materials to be used again in new clamshells and trays.

What plastic Can you recycle in Portland?

Allowed plastic items

Plastic bottles* and jars (6 ounces or larger). Plastic jugs (milk, juice, etc.). Round plastic food containers (6 ounces or larger) buckets (5 gallons or smaller). Plant pots (4-inch diameter or larger).

Can you recycle #5 plastic in Portland Oregon?

You can also recycle #5 plastics with TerraCycle, but you will need to pay for a box that is delivered to your home. Tip: You don’t need to make sure bottle caps are stamped with the number 5; Preserve will accept any bottle caps or container lids. You can see Preserve’s entire list of accepted materials at preserve.

What can I do with plastic berry containers?

Take plastic berry containers, for example.

Save Empty Berry Containers for Bonus Storage

  1. Store markers, crayons, and colored pencils.
  2. Store other craft supplies, such as pom-poms or sticker sheets.
  3. Organize random cords and cables.
  4. Protect items, such as sandwiches, that can get squished in a cooler.

What is clam packaging?

A clamshell package, as the name implies, is comprised of two joined pieces of packaging material, which completely surround the item or product. Such packaging is typically made of thermoformed plastic, and the edges can be sealed if airtight protection is needed.

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Can berry containers be recycled?

Berry containers, also called clamshells, belong in the trash. … Putting clamshells and other non-recyclable items in your recycling bin means, at best, clamshells take the long road to the landfill.

What can I do with empty strawberry containers?

Top 7 Ways to Recycle Strawberry Containers

  1. Creative Crafts. Shiver me timbers! …
  2. Crafty cookie container. Who says that your storage containers can’t be pretty? …
  3. Cupcake Carrier. Strawberry containers are perfect to-go boxes, especially for these chocolate cupcakes! …
  4. Drawer Organizer. …
  5. Upcycled Gift Box. …
  6. Yarn Dispenser.

Is plastic toy packaging recyclable?

Toy and gift packaging often consists of different materials – such as cardboard, paper and plastic. Some of these are recyclable, while others are not. These will need to be separated before recycling. Remove plastic windows from cardboard boxes before recycling – the plastic window should be put in the rubbish bin.

Is Ridwell for real?

Ridwell is a Seattle-based, venture capital-backed startup that late last year started asking Portlanders to pay $12 to $16 a month. In return, Ridwell supplies customers with a 2-foot-square metal box that includes a bag for light bulbs, another for batteries, and others for threads and plastic film.

Can you recycle plastic in Oregon?

You can recycle plastic bottles, jars, round containers, buckets and nursery pots at home.