Can you take food into the wildlife zoo?

No outside food or coolers permitted. Outside drinks are allowed.

Do you have to wear a mask at Wildlife World Zoo?

Visitors at the zoo will be required to wear masks, as well as staff members. There will also be signs throughout the zoo encouraging social distancing, social distance ride seating, ride sanitation after every rider and dozens of sanitizing stations installed.

Does Wildlife World Zoo have food?

Available every day for lunch featuring subs, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza and your favorite snacks items!

Whats better Phoenix Zoo or wildlife zoo?

The Phoenix Zoo is superior to WWZ in many ways; it’s a world class zoo with extremely well maintained exhibits, and a wide variety of exotic animals. That said, it doesn’t have an aquarium, if that is of interest to your kids. They do have various activities during the year; check their website for a schedule.

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How long does it take to go through the wildlife zoo?

Driving your own vehicle, it takes about 1-1/2 hours to complete. You will receive a map of the park to enhance your experience and help identify animals with your admission.

How much does it cost to get into the wildlife zoo?

Zoo open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Aquarium open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Admission to zoo and aquarium is $37.00 for adults and $17.00 for children 3 to 12 (plus tax), children under three are free. Special evening admission (after 5 p.m.) to Aquarium only is $16.99 for adults and $8.99 for children 3 to 12 (plus tax).

Can you smoke at the wildlife zoo?

The zoo was clean and the employees were friendly, but the staff was scarce. There were also a lot of both guests and staff smoking-which these days I found very odd to see. I asked a staff member and she said smoking is allowed for both guests and staff-hmmm, unusual.

Can you bring Starbucks into the Phoenix Zoo?

What can I bring to the Zoo? You may bring coolers, ice chests and your own food. Please no glass containers or alcoholic beverages.

How much are rides at Wildlife World zoo?

Most of the rides are $6 per person, but the carousel is $3.50 per person and the 650-foot long zip line is $15 per person.

Does Wildlife World zoo have elephants?

There is no elephants at this zoo.

How long does it take to walk around the wildlife zoo?

With children, it could take a few hours to all day to see everything, go on rides, attend shows, etc. For adults just walking through exhibit areas, the full zoo can be seen in about 2-3 hours. over a year ago.

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How big is the Wildlife World Zoo?

General admission to the zoo costs $24.95 for adults, $14.95 for kids ages 3 to 13 and is free for children 2 and younger. You can save $2 on each admission by purchasing your tickets in advance on the zoo’s website. Additional attractions and experiences, such as the safari train and carousel ride, cost extra.

How many times can you drive through wildlife safari?

15 answers. It must be twice in the same day.

Does the wildlife zoo have military discount?

The discount applies to U.S. active duty military, U.S. cadets, and veterans. Must show proper I.D. at our admission gate (DD214 or State Veterans ID card), whether ticket is purchased at the park or online. Please note that no additional discounts will apply.

Who owns the Wildlife World Zoo?

“Thoughts become things”: that saying just may be the case with the owner of one of the largest private zoos in the nation. Mickey Ollson opened Wildlife World Zoo nearly 35 years ago, but he was only a child when he subconsciously made plans for it.