What are the subcategories of ecology?

The different types of ecology include- molecular ecology, organismal ecology, population ecology, community ecology, global ecology, landscape ecology and ecosystem ecology.

What are the sub divisions of ecology?

According to habitat, it can be further divided into freshwater ecology, marine ecology, terrestrial ecology, forest ecology and desert ecology. 5. Human ecology: It deals with the effects of human activities on environment and vice versa.

What are the 3 types of ecology?

Ecology is the branch of science that examines the relationships organisms have to each other and to their environment. Scientists who study those relationships are called ecologists. There are many different ways to study ecology. Some types are landscape ecology, population ecology, and behavioral ecology.

How many branches are there in ecology?

Ecology is mainly divided into two branches, they are autecology and synecology.

What are the two main branches of agricultural ecology?

Early ecologists have recognized two major subdivisions of ecology in relation to plants and animals—plant ecology and animal ecology.

What do you mean by synecology?

Definition of synecology

: a branch of ecology that deals with the structure, development, and distribution of ecological communities.

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