What should I double major with environmental studies?

What major pairs well with environmental studies?

Take a minor in a hard science (if classes are not included with your major) – biology, chemistry, geology, and physical geography are all good choices.

What are good double major combinations?

The Best Combinations of Double Majors

Accounting and computer information systems Accounting and finance
Communication and business Communication and marketing
Criminal justice and psychology Economics and business
Economics and marketing Economics and mathematics
Economics and statistics Economics and supply chain management

Can I double major in environmental science and business?

This double major links environmental economics and business to focus on building a new green economy. The students will gain knowledge, skills and experience to build connections between the natural environment and individuals, firms, markets, and societies.

What is a good minor for an environmental studies major?

A few minors which would complement an environmental studies major are communications, journalism or English, business, marketing and political science.

What can I do with a BA in environmental studies?

The following job titles suggest some of the many types of work that Environmental Studies graduates do:

  • Alternative Energy Analyst.
  • Alternative Food Systems Analyst.
  • Alternative Transportation Specialist.
  • Citizen Participation Facilitator.
  • Community Sustainability Coordinator.
  • Consumer Advocate.
  • Eco-Tourism Guide/ Specialist.
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What do environmental studies majors do?

Environmental studies majors are tasked with upending social forces to solve issues of climate change, energy sources and biodiversity. They must be adept at interpreting research data and analyzing statistics but also possess the ability to flex their creative muscles to find new solutions to old problems.

Are double majors harder?

Because double majoring is challenging, not very many students opt to do so. In fact, the 2015 American Community Survey census data showed that only 12.5% of the people between the ages of 20 and 29 had a double major.

Is double majoring expensive?

Increased tuition costs

A double major will almost always mean taking more classes, which means paying more in tuition expenses. The number of classes you’ll need to take is highly dependent on the individual programs of each major and your school’s requirements.

What are the most common double majors?

According to the Teagle Report, the ten most popular concentrations for double majors are:

  • Business.
  • Engineering.
  • Political Science.
  • Biology.
  • Psychology.
  • English.
  • History.
  • Mathematics.

Does UCLA have a geology major?

Geology is designed for students who are interested in studying Earth systems. Coursework includes petrology and mineralogy, sedimentology, structural geology and tectonophysics, seismology, isotope geochemistry, geomorphology, and the Earth’s interior. …

Does UCLA have a good environmental science program?

The Senior Practicum is a year-long capstone program for all IoES Environmental Science majors and one of the best environmental science and policy educational experiences in the world.

Is climate science a major?

Students will complete the major with quantitative thinking skills comparable to other science majors. Students will also be required to take one course in statistics and one in computer programming. The core and advanced Climate Science courses can only be completed successfully with this background.

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