Which is the largest wildlife sanctuary?

The largest wildlife sanctuary in India is Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary in terms of area under them. Additional information: Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India, which was formed in 1936 to protect the endangered Bengal Tiger.

Which is the largest wildlife sanctuary in world?

Largest protected areas of the world

Rank Name Size (km2)
1 Marae Moana 1,976,000
2 French Southern Territories National Nature Reserve 1,600,000
3 Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area 1,550,000
4 Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument 1,508,846

Which is the largest wildlife sanctuary of India?

Kaziranga National Park, located in the Golaghat district of Assam is the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India. The park is the natural habitat of the endangered one-horned Rhinoceros.

Which country has the largest number of wildlife sanctuary?

Prevalence of National Parks

Australia has the most, with a total of 685 different parks, with China placing second with a grand total of 208.

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What are the 5 largest national parks?

The list of top 10 Biggest National Parks are given below along with their establishment date, location (state) and area in kilometre square:

  1. Hemis National Park.
  2. Desert National Park.
  3. Gangotri National Park.
  4. Namdapha National Park.
  5. Khangchendzonga National Park.
  6. Guru Ghasidas (Sanjay) National Park.
  7. Gir Forest National Park.

Which is the largest park in India?

Detailed Solution. Hemis national park is situated in the Ladakh region Jammu and Kashmir. It is the largest national park of India.

Which is the largest sanctuary in India Mcq?

Shivpuri Sanctuary is in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh.

National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary MCQ Question 8 Detailed Solution.

National Parks Species (if any)
Kanha National Park The Largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh with 940 SQ. KM Under it Best Administered Parks in Asia.

Which is the smallest wildlife sanctuary?

“Bor Tiger reserve” is the smallest wildlife sanctuary in the world. It was established in 1970 near “Hingani in Wardha District” in the “Indian state of Maharashtra”. The total area covered by Bor tiger reserve sanctuary is 121.1 kilometer square.

Which is the smallest sanctuary in India?

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Mayureswar Wildlife Sanctuary
Location Maharashtra, India
Nearest city Pune
Coordinates 18°20′6″N 74°22′15″ECoordinates: 18°20′6″N 74°22′15″E
Area 5.14 km2 (1.98 sq mi)

Which is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in India?

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India, which was established in 1936 to protect the endangered Bengal Tiger. It is an eco-tourism destination which contains 488 species of plants and a diverse variety of fauna. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is located in North Goa District Sattari Taluka.

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Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?

Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve is the largest tiger reserve in India .

Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve
District Kurnool, Guntur, Prakasam, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda
Established 1983
• Total 3,728 km2 (1,439 sq mi)

Where is the largest bird sanctuary in India located?

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat

Nal Sarovar, located 60 km from Ahmedabad, is biggest bird sanctuary in India.

Which country has the largest wildlife?

Brazil is the Earth’s biodiversity champion. Between the Amazon rainforest and Mata Atlantica forest, the woody savanna-like cerrado, the massive inland swamp known as the Pantanal, and a range of other terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, Brazil leads the world in plant and amphibian species counts.

Which state has largest number of wildlife sanctuaries in India?

The union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India had the highest number of wildlife sanctuaries in 2021. This came as no surprise since an estimated 86 percent of the its land is home to some of the richest flora and fauna.