Which land based ecosystem has the most biodiversity * 1 point?

What land based ecosystem has the most biodiversity?

Tropical rainforests contain more biodiversity than any other ecosystem on Earth. they cover less than two percent of the Earth’s total surface area, and are home to 50 percent of the Earth’s described plants and animals!

Which land based ecosystem has the most biodiversity Mcq?

Answer: Tropical rainforest has the most land based biodiversity.

Which land based ecosystem has the most biodiversity * 1 point deserts tropical rainforests the tundra grasslands?

Answer: Tropical rain forests are the land-based ecosystem holds the most biodiversity whereas the coral reefs hold the largest water–based ecosystem.

Which of the following consists of the highest biodiversity?

The Correct Answer is Tropical rainforest.

What is the biodiversity Mcq?

Biodiversity is composed of all living organisms, wherein each of them plays a significant role in their habitat. Also, all components of biodiversity are interdependent and must coordinate for sustainable living.

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Which of the following has the greatest number of ecosystem Mcq?

Ecology and Functions of an ecosystem MCQ Question 1 Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Biosphere. The largest ecosystem of the Earth is Biosphere. On the earth, the biosphere is the largest ecosystem.

What is biodiversity types of biodiversity?

Biodiversity includes three main types: diversity within species (genetic diversity), between species (species diversity) and between ecosystems (ecosystem diversity).

Does a rainforest or meadow have more biodiversity?

Which has more biodiversity, a rain forest or a meadow? … A rainforest has more biodiversity because it has more organisms’ genetics.

Which of the following ecosystem has low biodiversity?

Example of ecosystem with low biodiversity is definitely a desert. Then there are cold deserts in Antarctica and Gobi basin of central Asia, where biodiversity is minimum.

Which of the following countries has the highest biodiversity * South America South Africa Russia India?

India. Explanation: This country falls in the area of Amazon rainforest, which is having the highest biodiversity in the world.

Which is the most biodiversity rich zone in India?

Western Ghats- It is the biodiversity-rich region of India.