How does the Himalayan mountain influences the climate of India?

By virtue of its location and stupendous height, the Great Himalaya Range obstructs the passage of cold continental air from the north into India in winter and also forces the southwesterly monsoon (rain-bearing) winds to give up most of their moisture before crossing the range northward.

How does the northern mountain influence the climate of India?

The mountains stop the chilling winds coming from Central Asia from entering the Indian landmass. … This keeps the temperature of the northern part of the country less cold and comfortable in winter season.

How does Himalayas influence the climate of India Class 9?

The Himalayas play a very vital role in influencing the climate of India. The Himalayas act as a barrier which prevent the cold and chilly winds blowing from central Asia from entering India.

How do the Himalayas influence the climate of India Class 6?

The Himalayas have a considerable influence on the climate of the Indian subcontinent. … The Himalayas also act as a barrier to the monsoon winds coming from the seas. Hence, they are an important cause of rainfall in India. They help in maintaining both the elements of climate, i.e. temperature and rainfall.

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Why are Himalayan mountains important to India answer?

The Himalayas save our country from the cold and dry winds of Central Asia. The Himalayan ranges is the great source of all the great rivers of India. … The Himalayan forests also provide firewood and a large variety of raw material for forest based industries.

How does the northern wall of Himalayas affect the climate of India?

The Himalayan range affects the climate of India by blocking the cold, arctic winds blowing south from Siberia and Central Asia, thus keeping the Indian subcontinent much warmer than corresponding temperate regions in other continents.

How does Himalayan mountains influence the climate of India Brainly?

Answer: The Himalayas act as a climatic divide between India and Central Asia. During winter, Himalayas protect India from cold and dry air masses of Central Asia . During monsoon months these mountain ranges act as an effective physical barrier for rain bearing south-west monsoon winds.

How do Himalayas influence Indian economy?

The Himalayas act as a barrier to the South West monsoon winds. When they strike the Himalayas, they shed their moisture bringing much needed rainfall in the northern parts of the country. Indian agriculture is immensely benefited by the Monsoons.

Why are Himalayan mountains important to India Brainly?

Himalayan mountains provide a secure shield to the territory of India. Explanation: The Himalayas are very important for the territory of India. … In addition, they also have topographic importance for Indian territory as a result of which India cannot be attacked by an enemy from the Northern front.

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What is the influence of the Himalayas on Indian agriculture?

The Himalayas have a profound influence on Indian agriculture. Many hydroelectric and water storage projects are built, which helps in agriculture. The cold winds and the monsoon type of climate are best for cultivating many spices like turmeric, pepper, cardamom, etc.