How does the National Wildlife Federation help?

The mission of the National Wildlife Federation® is to educate, inspire, and assist individuals and organizations of diverse cultures to conserve wildlife and other natural resources and to protect the Earth’s environment in order to achieve a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable future.

How does the National Wildlife Federation help the environment?

Specifically, the National Wildlife Federation is: Working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the U.S. by promoting a rapid transition to a responsible clean energy economy. Partnering with U.S. farmers and ranchers to adopt agricultural practices that protect wildlife, reduce emissions, and store carbon.

What are the benefits of joining the National Wildlife Federation?

Benefits of Becoming a National Wildlife Federation Member

  • A full year of our award-winning National Wildlife® magazine ($5 of every donation of $15 or more is allocated towards a one-year subscription).
  • 10% discount on all National Wildlife Federation catalog merchandise.
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What has the National Wildlife Federation accomplished?

Key accomplishments include: Working with lawmakers across the aisle to include a federal wildfire funding fix as part of the spending bill passed in March 2018. The reform will dramatically increase funding for forest and wildland restoration and enhance wildlife habitat on nearly 193 million acres of public lands.

Is the NWF good?

Good. This charity’s score is 85.58, earning it a 3-Star rating. Donors can “Give with Confidence” to this charity.

How does the National Wildlife Federation influence the policy process?

The National Wildlife Federation works to ensure Congress maintains its historic support for the nation’s core environmental and public health laws such as the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, which have proven for 40 years to be effective tools in protecting public health, wildlife and the environment.

How can the US solve a climate crisis?

United States Will Halve Carbon Emissions Over Next Decade

Working with the private sector to strengthen climate innovation and investment, the Administration is creating new clean energy jobs and enhancing U.S. global competitiveness by scaling up the production and export of clean goods and services.

Does the National Wildlife Federation support hunting?

For over 80 years, we’ve been the driving force behind critical pieces of conservation legislation supporting our ability to hunt and fish. … For over 80 years, we’ve been the driving force behind critical pieces of conservation legislation supporting our ability to hunt and fish.

What age is Ranger Rick for?

Ranger Rick, Ages 7+

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How much does it cost to join National Wildlife Federation?

The membership, which includes that edition, is $26 per year for six bimonthly issues.

What has the Canadian Wildlife Federation accomplished?

The Canadian Wildlife Federation implemented an Endangered Species Program to aid in the conservation of threatened species throughout Canada.

What were the contributions to and from the National Wildlife Federation in recent years?

During the past decade, NWF has received more than $3.5 million in donations and has secured more than 620,000 acres through its Adopt a Wildlife Acre program, which has expanded habitat for wildlife significantly. To find out more go to

Why was National Wildlife Federation created?

NWF was founded when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt convened the first North American Wildlife Conference to stimulate public interest in the management and development of America’s natural resources. Even then, America’s land, water and wildlife were threatened.

Is the World wildlife Federation legit?

The World Wildlife Fund is one of the largest and most recognizable conservation groups in the world. But as with any massive, deep-pocketed organization, the WWF has been riddled with corruption. Beyond corruption, the WWF has been tied to human rights atrocities throughout the planet.

How much does the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation make?

National Wildlife Federation

Location: RESTON, VA
Budget (2017): Revenue: $91,065,465 Expenses: $83,063,340 Assets: $118,249,455
Formation: 1936
President & CEO: Collin O’Mara
President’s Compensation (2017): $354,785