Quick Answer: How do I get an environmental declaration?

WHO Issues Environmental Product Declaration?

UL Environment develops International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14025-compliant EPDs in five steps. Find an appropriate product category rule (PCR). The first step in creating an EPD is to find or create a PCR that’s applicable to a particular product category.

What is the basis for an environmental product declaration?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a standardized document informing about a product’s potential environmental and human health impact. The EPD is produced on the basis of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) calculations, and provides a quantitative basis for comparison of products and services.

What is environmental protection declaration?

An EPD, also referred to as Type III environmental declaration, is a standardized (ISO 14025) and LCA-based tool to communicate the environmental performance of a product (Grahl and Schmincke, 2007).

How can I get EPD certificate?

Developing and publishing an EPD in The International EPD® System consists of the following steps:

  1. Find or create relevant PCR document for the product category.
  2. Perform LCA study based on PCR.
  3. Compiling environmental information into the EPD reporting format.
  4. Verification.
  5. Registration and publication.
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What is environmental product declaration and certification?

An EPD (environmental product declaration) is a document which may be used in different countries to quantifiably demonstrate the environmental performance of a product. They are a Type III environmental label.

What is environmental certification in construction?

An environmental certification scheme is a third-party assessment of your business practices as they relate to environmentalism and sustainability. An assessor, such as CHAS, will design a series of criteria and measure your business against them.

What is a Type III environmental declaration?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is defined by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14025 as a Type III declaration that “quantifies environmental information on the life cycle of a product to enable comparisons between products fulfilling the same function.” The EPD methodology is based on …

What are product declarations?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a transparent, objective report that communicates what a product is made of and how it impacts the environment across its entire life cycle.

What are the benefits of product declaration and environmental certification?

The key benefit of EPDs is that they allow architects and specifiers to compare products in terms of their whole-life sustainability – an increasingly important consideration as clients demand compliance with certification schemes such as BREEAM and LEED.

Is an EPD compulsory?

EPDs in construction projects and manufacturing are voluntary. However, their use is rapidly growing in line with awareness about environmental impacts.

What are health product declarations?

Health Product Declarations (HPDs) provide a full disclosure of the potential chemicals of concern in products by comparing product ingredients to a set of priority “hazard” lists based on the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals and additional lists from other government agencies.

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What is product declaration in construction?

An environmental product declaration (EPD) is a document which may be used in different countries to quantifiably demonstrate the environmental performance of a product. … EPD are generated based on data obtained through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

What is EPD LEED?

LEED Green Associate. Sustainable Investment Group (SIG) An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products.

What is the fastest way to find an EPD in the one click LCA database?

How can I find if an EPD is already included in the database?

  1. Search directly for the EPD number.
  2. Search directly for the product name.
  3. Search directly for the by manufacturer name.